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Review: Maybelline Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

Hey, everyone!

I’ve never done a mascara review on here before and I thought I’d give it a shot. I recently purchased Maybelline’s new Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. The original Colossal Volum’ in the yellow tube is my holy grail mascara and I wanted to see how this compared.


image 3

The packaging is a bit bulky, but isn’t too big/weird shaped that you wouldn’t be able to carry it in your purse on-the-go.

image 4

It can balance in an upright position if you’re careful! It does fall over easily.


I feel like the formula is a bit wet. I do get smudges on my eyelid during application, which can be annoying. But on the bright side, it doesn’t clump! I don’t detect any scent to this mascara. I know the original Colossal Volum’ has a bit of a floral scent, which I happen to like, but can be hit or miss depending on your preference.

image 5

I don’t really understand the purpose of the two bumps on the wand… they don’t really do anything. The bristles on this brush aren’t plastic (which I know many popular mascaras use today), but more like the classic fiber mascara brushes. This is nice since it doesn’t hurt during application like it can with the plastic bristles.


Here is a picture I took right after applying this mascara:


As you can see, my eyelashes look long and full. I love the way this mascara looks on my bottom lashes as well!

Here is a picture I took about 6 hours after application:

image 2

My eyelashes still look long! Even though this mascara is not water proof, I don’t get any smudging or flaking.


This mascara comes right off when you wash your face. No harsh scrubbing required!


I would give this mascara a 7.5/10 overall. While I do find the packaging to be a bit bulky and the formula to be wet, I love the results it gives me. This won’t replace the original Colossal Volum’ as my holy grail mascara though, as I have fewer issues during application with that one.

Have you tried this mascara yet? Any thoughts?




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A Note About My Videos

Hey everyone,

So I noticed that the audio in my recent videos isn’t in sync. I believe this is a YouTube problem, as the videos are fine when I play them on my computer. I apologize if it makes watching my videos a bit weird.



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Nail Polish Review: Sabon “Romantic Blush”

Last year, I posted about a lovely shop called Sabon. Well, they recently launched a new nail polish line. As a nail polish fanatic, this totally excited me. The polishes cost only $9 a bottle, which isn’t too bad a price. I purchased a pretty dusky pink shade called Romantic Blush.



First of all, I love the shape of the bottle. It reminds me of a vintage perfume bottle – very classy.


The formula is very nice. It isn’t too thick or too watery and it applies smoothly. I find that this polish doesn’t have too strong of a smell either, which is a plus. The brush is easy to work with as well.


This polish was practically a one-coater, but I used two just to be on the safe side. Dry time is about average.


This is my first time wearing this nail polish, so I’ll update on how it lasts within the next couple days. But so far, I’m very impressed by this polish!


UPDATE 4/8/14: I’ve been wearing this polish for 2 days now and there’s only very minor chipping and tip wear. So I’d say this polish holds up pretty well!



Nail Polish Review: Alanna Renee “Reptar”

I have a massive nail polish collection. So when I buy nail polishes now, I only do so if the color is unique and not something I already have in my stash. This polish is definitely one of those instances!

photo 1

I bought this polish online. I have never heard of Alanna Renee before. Apparently it’s an Australian indie brand. On their website they have some very interesting shades.

The name was the first thing that drew me to this polish. As a 90s kid who grew up with the Rugrats, the name Reptar totally excited me!

photo 2

I would describe this polish as a milky mint green base with specks of black and white and flecks of purple and orange – all the colors of Reptar the dinosaur!

photo 3

The color is mostly opaque with two coats, but was still a bit patchy, so I used three. Please excuse my messy cuticles!

photo 4

A great thing about this polish is that it dries fairly quickly. The little black and white specks make this polish have gritty texture, which I happen to like. But if you prefer this polish to have a smooth finish, a top coat would work.

I have worn this polish a couple times before and it lasts fairly well on the nails. I could go a few days without chipping. But I have the bad habit of picking at my nail polish, so for me personally, it only lasts a couple days on my nails!

I would definitely recommend checking out this polish and brand. It’s surely interesting and unique!





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