Gay Star News

Gay Star News is a 24/7 global LGBTQ+ news service based out of the U.K.

BUST Magazine

Since 1993, BUST has been a magazine for "women with something to get off their chests." I worked for them as an intern and wrote many pieces for their blog.


Alma (or Hey Alma) is a publication by and for Jewish women.

Jewess Magazine

Jewess is an online magazine for millennial Jewish women.

Wear Your Voice Magazine

Wear Your Voice is an intersectional feminist publication.

Platform Women

Platform Women is nonprofit dedicated to uplifting the voices of women.

The Tempest

The Tempest is a website by and for diverse millennial women.


Ravishly is a feminist website geared toward a younger demographic.


Slutist is a feminist site focusing on sexuality.


Feministing is a community-based feminist blogging platform.


DailyClout is a bipartisan news source focusing on both National and State legislation in the U.S.

Guerrilla Feminism

Guerrilla Feminism is a feminist non-profit which I contributed numerous articles to.

Baeble Music

Baeble is a music publication based in NYC that I have contributed articles to.


DeadState is a political news media site.

The Odyssey Online

The Odyessey is a community-based blogging platform.

The Tab

The Tab is a publication specifically by and for college students.

The Antithesis

The Antithesis is an online social justice publication at The New School.

The New School Free Press

The Free Press is The New School's official newspaper. You can check out articles I have written for them here.