Journalism + Design Online Harassment Consortium

As a senior at The New School in the Journalism + Design department, I was invited to host a consortium about the issue of online harassment, as someone who has experienced it personally. The consortium included a panel discussion with Amanda Alcantara and Annemarie Dooling, two women in the industry who have also experienced online harassment and are knowledgable about it. At the end, we discussed ways one can protect themselves online. Below is a video of part of the event, curteousy of Thomas Blakeley. You can access my slideshow here and check out tips for how to protect yourself online here.

Senior Capstone: Misogyny & The Internet

For my senior capstone (thesis) during my last semester at The New School, I explored the ways women are mistreated online. I was inspired to do this project after having numerous experiences of harassment online due to being an outspoken feminist. From online dating sites to provocation on social media, it's very clear that women aren't necessarily welcome on the internet. You can read the final published version of my project here. Below is a video of my capstone presentation.